1. I’m right handed, but wish I was left handed. I yearn in the same way a stereotypical nerd desires to be part of the cool kids.

2. A lot of talented artists and thinkers have been left-handed. It’s supposedly 10% of the population. It’s UNIQUE.

3. I like being unique.

4. Several times in my life, I’ve tried to develop ambidextrousness. Each time failed for a variety of reasons. The best shot was when I had broken my right collar bone and was practically forced to use my left hand to write. My girlfriend at the time even prepared those cursive sheets we used to fill out in grade school so I’d have something to practice with. In the end, my professors talked too fast and my left hand hadn’t developed the strength or coordination to keep up while taking notes. There’s really no benefit to writing ambidextrously, but I should give left handedness a shot with other one handed activities.

5. I hate pizza rolls. Just get the Little Caesar’s down the street if you want garbage/peasant pizza.

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